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Note taking and explaining systems, 12th July 2021


Fringe Engineering

A newsletter on the future of engineering and what it means to be a human that tries to get a computer to do what they want. Covering climate, culture, AI, and more.

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Test your Slack apps like a human would – a super fast Slack intercept server and testing framework.

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An iPhone and iPad app for the latest UK newspaper front pages, all in once place, as soon as they're published.

Beta wait list now open!

Turn Microsoft To Do lists into RSS feeds, for quick and easy reading lists!

A python script to display replica real-time UK railway station departure screens for SSD13xx devices

MagPi magazine write up

A talk given in July 2019 giving a high level introduction to React Testing Library

TypeScript UI and Node.js API for remotely controlling WS2811 LEDs on a Christmas tree

Alexa Skill for finding out about your local air quality. Ask: "Alexa, what's the air quality like in London?"


Channels, user groups and welcome messages


Tips for creating great documentation that your team will love


The launch of iOS 12 brought the release of Shortcuts, a first-party app that allows you to create custom workflows for...