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Continuous delivery and the Welsh coast, 31st May 2021


To Do × RSS

Turn Microsoft To Do lists into RSS feeds, for quick and easy reading lists!

A python script to display replica real-time UK railway station departure screens for SSD13xx devices

MagPi magazine write up

A talk given in July 2019 giving a high level introduction to React Testing Library

TypeScript UI and Node.js API for remotely controlling WS2811 LEDs on a Christmas tree

Alexa Skill for finding out about your local air quality. Ask: "Alexa, what's the air quality like in London?"


Tips for creating great documentation that your team will love


The launch of iOS 12 brought the release of Shortcuts, a first-party app that allows you to create custom workflows for...


There’s lot to say about WordPress, some good, some bad. It seems no matter who you talk to, everyone has...